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Bombae Brand

Eucalyptus sage smudge stick

Eucalyptus sage smudge stick

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 Cleanse your space with Eucalyptus and White Sage that is often used for purification rituals to remove negative energies . These typical energies turn into good vibe amplifiers when matched with the light and optimism of purple sinuata.

Purple Sinuata is said to symbolize success. They are the perfect gift for someone you want to see succeeding in life and moving forward. They are also perfect for a new home or office.

Natural flowers are placed on sage bundle, bundles may have slight variation in color. Sustainably harvested white sage from the coastal mountains of California is prized for its strong aromatic properties and for cleansing and purifying.

Each sage stick measures 4 inches in length and is approx inch wide.

Each order includes 1 sage stick
Made in United States

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